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Service & Partnerships:


        Our feature Service is

  •         High Throughput Screening for Inhibiting Tumor Cell Exosome Release;

  •         Long ssDNA Template Mediated Homology Directed Repair (HDR) for Gene Editing  .


        We are a expert team for modern molecular biology. We also provided service for


1). Gene cloning (we can clone any fragment in two weeks), expression and protein purification (E. coli and Insect cells);

2). Viral production including retrovirus and lentivirus etc; 

3). Generate reporter cell lines, including T cell activation cell lines, for high throughput screening;

4). Gene knock-in, knock-down and knock-out in cell lines.


          Every product and service we provide must pass strict quality control and is guaranteed to meet our customers' needs, expectations, and satisfaction.


         Contact us today to discuss your laboratory needs at

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