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ExoEZ Exosome Isolation Products



Our ExoEZ Exosome Isolation Kits are based on exosome Size and Density, and suitable for exosome isolation from body fluids, such as urine, breast milk, salia; and cell culture supernatants, such as Bacteria, Yeast, Fungi, Plant, and Mammmalian, etc.

We provide you the best Exosome Isolation kit with Highest Yield! Shortest hand-on time (10 min)! No Incubation! Low-speed Centrifuge!

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Exosome Isolation Kit for Cell Culture (Cat#: ExoCC50; 50ml)    $299.00

Exosome Isolation Kit for Urine (Cat#: ExoUT50; 50 ml)              $399.00


Exosome Isolation Kit for Breast Milk (Cat#: ExoBM50, 50 ml)    $299.00

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