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Multiple Phases Marcoporous Scaffold for Tissue Engineering

Although tissue engineering thrived for decades, we almost failed to reproduce and fully restore any tissue function yet. It seems to become increasing challenge for human beings to generate near normal human tissues in vitro through mimicking in spatial and physiological dimensions. The lack of a bio-functional scaffold to maintain parenchymal cell morphology and enhance its function is a key limiting factor. The ideal scaffold should promote interactions of cell-cell and cell-ECM, to ensure both delivery of nutrition and oxygen and removal of metabolic waste and toxins. Therefore, we developed Multiple Phases Marcoporous Scaffold (MPMS), a universal scaffold platform of tissue engineering, in which ECM material, porous size, and dimensional scale were fabricated in an orderly manner. To accelerate better attachment and proliferation of different types of cells, ECM material in each phase of multiple phases could be different. Pore size in various phases of MPMS could be adjusted on demand while pore were interconnected by flow channels to boost both supply of nutrition and oxygen and removal of metabolic waste and toxins. This MPMS supports the in vitro co-culture of multiple cells under flow condition, which could maximally mimic normal tissue condition. MPMS, as carrier of various cells with the high cell density, could be implanted in organ and then potentially connect to host whole blood supply.


We provide CRO for MPMS.

You choose ECM (natural and/or synthesized polymers), pore size (5 um to 500 um) and stiffness.

You Image It and We Make It For You!

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