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Exosome Quantification Kit


          Our total exosome quantification kits are based on the fact that Annexin V or MFGE8 can specifically bind phosphatidylserine (PS)-exposing extracellular vesicleses. When the isolated exosomes or biofluids were applied to the Annexin V or MFGE8 precoated 96-well plates, Annexin V or MFGE8 would capture exosome-special lipids on surface of exosomes, instead of protein antigens. These captured exosomes represent total exosomes regardless heterogenous level of protein antigens. Sequently, total exosomes can be measured with luciferase-Annexin V (Cat#:ExoQA) or -MFGE8 (Cat#: ExoQM) fusion protein. Tissue- or disease-specific exosome subpopulation could be also quantified with tissue- or disease-specific antibodysuch as EpCAM, CD24, or directly with exosome enzyme such as Acetyl-CoA Acetylcholinesterase (AChE), human placental alkaline phosphatase (hPLAP). Our kits are capable to quantify both total exosome and tissue- or disease-specific exosome subpopulation. Dependent on availability of your lab equitments, quantification can be done with luciferase, biotin-based method, and visible light spectometer. 

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Annexin A1 protein-100 ug (Cat#: ANA1, 100ug)


Annexin A2 protein-100 ug (Cat#: ANA2, 100ug)


Annexin V protein-100 ug (Cat#: ANV, 100ug)


Total Exosome Quantification Kit (Cat#: ExoQA, 96x)


Total Exosome Quantification Kit (Cat#: ExoQM, 96x)


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