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Protocol for Rolling Circular Amplification (RCA):

  1. RCA Reaction Systems.

  2. SuperPhi DNA Amplification (RCA) Kit (Random Primers) (Cat# Phi100)

  3. Experienced Users: Quick Protocol for SuperPhi DNA Amplification Kit (Cat#: Phi100)

  4. SuperPhi DNA Amplification Kit for Bacterial or Yeast Colony Screening (Cat#: Phi100)

  5. SuperPhi RCA Premix Kit (Random Primers) (Cat#: PM100)

  6. SuperPhi RCA Premix with Specific Primers (Cat#: PM100S)

  7. FemtoPhi DNA Amplification (RCA) Kit (Random Primers) (Cat#: FP100)

  8. FemtoPhi RCA Premix Kit (Random Primers) (Cat#: FM100)

  9. FemtoPhi RCA  Premix Kit with Specific Primers (Cat#: FM100S)

  10. FemtoPhi Single Cell Whole Genome Amplification Kit with Random Primer (Cat#: WGA25)

  11. FemtoPhi Single Cell WGA kit with Specific Primer (Cat#: WGA25S)

  12. Bacillus DNA Transformation Kit (Cat#: BR100)


      Protocol for U-Clone Master Mix:

  1. E. coli Super Efficiency Competent Cells: DH5a (Cat#:D100)

  2. U-Clone Master Mix Kit for Cloning and Mutagenesis (Cat#:UC100)

  3. U-HiFi PCR Master Mix (Cat# PU1000)


Protocols for Exosome Isolation Kits:

  1. Exosome Isolation Kit from Cell Culture (Cat#: Exo-CC50)

  2. Exosome Isolation Kit from Urine (Cat#: Exo-UT50)

  3. Exosome Isolation Kit from Breast Milk (Cat#: Exo-BM50)


       Protocol for Universal Viral Particle Concentration and Purification Kit:

  1.          Viral Particle Concentration Kit

  2.          Viral Particle Concentration kit for Saliva and Other Biofluids




MSDS for Exo-UT50 (Cat#: UT50)


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